Breathing new life into furniture
so it will continue to create memories.

Throughout the many years our furniture store has been in business, we have often encountered the sadness and loneliness of losing beloved furniture. Every scratch and stain on your favorite pieces of furniture, the ones that have shared your life for many years, represents a memory engraved by time. The furniture that you love cannot easily be replaced, and you may only come to realize its importance after it’s gone. You alone understand that it cannot be replaced. To you, the furniture is the dearest and most precious thing in the world. And that is because it represents memories. We want you to continue to treasure the furniture that has been an important part of your life as memories in the years to come. With this in mind, we created our repair workshop so that you can enjoy living with your favorite furniture for many more years without a worry. And when that fateful day arrives, we breathe new life into your favorite furniture so you can cherish the memories stored in it and look forward to many more new memories.

おじいさん 女の子




Adding stories to the world
and joy to your life.
Opening up a future filled with love and affection.



We tell stories
that add color
to people's lives.



  • Everything starts with empathy.
  • By being kind and sincere and always one step ahead of our customers' thoughts.
  • We thus become a bridge between people and memories.