Spinning tales

We want you to use your furniture for many years so that you keep growing closer to it, and it can continue to create memories.

“It’s been in my family for generations,” or “It belonged to my mother”—hearing these kinds of stories fills us with immense joy. Furniture serves people over several generations. As you use the furniture over the years, it will inevitably collect scratches, the paintwork and wood will fade, and over time the wood will grow thinner, causing your favorite chair to become wobbly. However, many pieces of furniture retain their beauty and even become stronger when properly repaired. It's a pity to discard old furniture and buy new when the old can still be used. When you think that you need to replace broken furniture, we offer the option of having it repaired! We take responsibility for every piece of furniture we sell, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty.

Warranty details

Lifetime maintenance
Lifetime warranty on the maintenance of products purchased from MUNI Monogatari (free/paid maintenance)
Ten-year quality
Structural quality guarantee for wooden furniture; structural quality guarantee for sofas; quality guarantee for Persian carpets and Persian Gabbeh rugs; guarantee for the installation of blinds, curtain rails, furniture, and more; and quality guarantee for custom-made furniture
Five-year quality
Structural quality guarantee for bed mattresses and quality guarantee for all repairs performed by our company
Three-year quality
Quality guarantee for machine-woven carpets and quality guarantee for curtain sewing

Notes regarding the warranty

Products will not be covered by a warranty in any of the cases described below. Certain maintenance and repairs may be offered for a fee, so please consult us for the details.

  • In the event of deterioration from aging and defects due to extended use, we reserve the right to determine whether the warranty will apply (for example: the wearing of sofa cushions over time, scratches, faded colors and torn laces due to habitual use, and damage caused by intentional actions or negligence).
  • Natural wood may crack depending on how and where it is used. For one-of-a-kind articles, it may not be possible to find a replacement. In such cases, we will offer to repair or replace the articles with a different product.
  • In the case of products that require assembly, defects caused by a customer during the assembly process are not covered by the quality guarantee.
  • Miscellaneous goods are covered by our quality guarantee for the first week after purchase.
  • Defects caused by natural disasters are not covered by the quality guarantee.
  • Interior restructuring is not covered by the warranty.

When it is no longer in top shape, we will repair it, so that the furniture can be used for many more years and across generations.

When a customer asks us to repair furniture, we assume full responsibility. That’s the reason our lifetime warranty applies even after the furniture has been passed on to the children and grandchildren. MUNI Monogatari intentionally does not issue a warranty certificate. All you need is a receipt or a purchase slip from when you bought an article or had it repaired. After you buy it, we are responsible for handling it.

Nurturing memories

Warranty guidelines

  • If you want information about the different types of warranties, please bring your purchase slip or receipt. If they have been lost, we will ask you come to our store and provide us with information that will allow us to check your purchase history.
  • If you are not the original purchaser, we will ask that you share any information you may have regarding the original purchase. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right to determine whether the article is covered by our warranty. In such cases, we will provide maintenance for a fee.
  • Even though damage caused intentionally or from negligence is not covered by our quality guarantee, we will still provide maintenance for a fee.
  • Scratches, color fading, or other types of damage due to aging will be handled as paid repairs under our lifetime maintenance warranty.
  • Even if a structural product defect is discovered within the warranty period, it may not be possible to replace it with the same product if the item has been discontinued. Therefore, we will offer to repair or replace the product with one at the same price. In such cases, you may choose to upgrade the product by paying the difference in price.
  • The fabric of lace curtains will eventually tear if they rub against the window frame when pushed by the wind, or when the curtains are opened and closed on a daily basis. Our warranty for the lace fabric covers articles for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Interior restructuring is not covered by our warranty.

MUNI Monogatari has its own repair workshop.

At MUNI Monogatari, we repair and rebuild furniture that was not purchased through us. Even if the furniture was bought half a century ago and even if it was not purchased from MUNI Monogatari, any furniture that we are asked to repair, regardless of how long it’s been used, is considered one of our products, and as such, it is also covered by our lifetime warranty. At MUNI Monogatari, we listen to our customers, work closely with them, and always consider their perspective. We will continue to do that in order to be useful to society.