Breathing new life
into furniture,
so it will continue
to create memories.

At MUNI Monogatari, we want you to always cherish your lifestyle tools and the unique stories they contain for many years.
This is the concept from which our craft furniture store was born.
The unique stories that are a part of the furniture.
The unique stories that are created by the memories of those who use the furniture.
The unique stories that are reborn thanks to the craftsmen’s expert work.
Will you help us,a fourth-generation furniture store,
craft the perfect relationship between tools and those using them?


Reading the stories

The important stories we created
together with our customers.


The craftsmen
who are creating
the stories

Introducing the craftsmen who pass on the stories by breathing new life into them.


Our warranty

At MUNI Monogatari, we want you to treasure and use your furniture for many years,which is why we assume responsibility for your furniture.


You can contact us
about anything

Feel free to ask us about furniture maintenance or repairs. We take you and your furniture to heart.



We are a “storytelling maker” that adds color to people’s lives.
Furniture contains unique stories that vary with the persons using it.
We want the memories and the furniture treasured by customers
to remain close to their hearts forever.
This is the essence of our daily approach to furniture.
If you find that interesting, come and have a look at our store.